Wednesday, September 5, 2012

8th and then 7th District Patrol House

Thanks to Mariann for asking about this week's subject, a former patrol house at the corner of McMillian and Ravine in Fairview Heights.
355 W McMillan - Source
This beautiful building was built in the late 1890's and was first listed as a patrol house in the 1899 Williams' City Directory. This patrol house used horse drawn wagons, which contained with the usual police equipment along with stretchers and surgical instruments. (Source)

Details above the front windows - Source
Ravine Street View circa 1910 - Source
The building was designed by the firm of Samuel Hannaford & Sons, with Charles Rosentiel as the architect. According to the Bicentennial Guide to Cincinnati (1988): "In 1927, police district boundaries were redrawn, and the station became the Seventh District Patrol House. By 1957, the building was no longer needed and was turned over to the Cincinnati Recreational Commission for renovation as a community center.... As the community organizations and the accompanying sense of community identity weakened, the Recreation Commission changed the facility into an Arts Center around 1970. The Fairview Arts Center closed due to lack of funds in 1984, and the city sold the building."
Google Street View
It was most recently used as an office building for Graphic Concepts, Inc and is currently for sale.

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