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The Hummel Houses of Whitfield Avenue

In last week's post, we learned about David Hummel, who started Hummel Industries. His children followed in his footsteps and continued the family business of stone fabrication and installation. Their continued success allowed them to build houses in Clifton in the late 1890's and early 1900's. Three of his sons chose to live close together, all living on the same street, Whitfield Avenue.

1891 Sanborn Insurance Map - Source
Prior to 1898, the north part of present day Whitfield Avenue was named Linden Avenue and to the west, present day Cornell Place was named Evans Place.
3423 Whitfield Avenue - George and Ella Hummel
In 1893, George Hummel, Sr. was the first to build his home at 3423 Whitfield Avenue. This home remained in his family until his wife, Ella, passed away in 1947. This home, designed by Samuel Hannaford & Sons, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

3455 Whitfield Avenue - Frank Hummel's home from 1897-1906
In 1897, Frank Hummel joined his brother, owning and occupying one half of the two family home at 3455 Whitfield. But by 1906, Frank moved his family to Westwood and continued to rent the home in Clifton. This home was mentioned in the Cincinnati Magazine in 2006.

3463 Whitfield Avenue - William Hummel
Then in 1904, George and Frank's younger brother, William, joined them, living at 3463 Whitfield Avenue. William passed away in 1935 and his wife, Clara, continued to live there until 1941. Clara passed away in 1967 at the age of 88.
1904 Sanborn Insurance Map - Source

2012 CAGIS Map

But there is one more connection to the Hummel's of Whitfield - George Hummel, Sr.'s son, George Ellis Hummel, lived just one street west of his parents and uncles.
3480 Cornell Place
In 1905, G. Ellis Hummel built this home at the corner of present day Cornell Place and Evanswood Place. G. Ellis passed away in 1938 and the home was sold shortly afterward.

Relatives of the Hummel's still live in Cincinnati today. Thanks to Harriet, another relative living now in Pittsburgh, for letting me know about these homes!

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  1. Interesting, as always. I grew up on Evanswood Place in the 60's, and passed by these houses thousands of times without knowing the relationship.

    A somewhat gruesome aside on the house at 3480 Cornell Place: in October 1966, it was the site of the fifth murder/rape committed by the so-called Cincinnati Strangler. As a twelve-year-old who lived three doors away, it was a pretty scary time. We knew the family, played in their back yard, etc.

    The crime was committed in or near the garage seen at the left of the photograph.


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