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Longworth's Turrett Lofts

This building has caught my eye quite a few times when driving on Central Avenue and when a client asked if I could research the history of the building, I was excited to start digging.
Northwest corner of Central Avenue and Clark Street
While the Hamilton County Auditor says the year built is 1883, the actual construction most likely began in 1876, when Joseph Longworth and Catherine Longworth Anderson purchased the lot from Isaac Betts. Both of these names have a long connection to Cincinnati history, so let's dig a bit more on those...
Cincinnati Enquirer; Oct. 16, 1876; p. 6
Joseph Longworth (1813-1883) and Catherine Longworth Anderson (1815-1893) were the children of Nicholas Longworth (1783- 1863), who has been called the "Father of the American Wine Industry". Nicholas was born in 1783 and came to Cincinnati around 1804. He was a successful banker and also owned large parcel of land. He made his fortune by selling off parcels at prices that increased with the demand of the quickly growing city. Nicholas was fascinated with grape cultivation and believe Cincinnati's climate and land were an ideal place to experiment. Mount Adams was his laboratory, and he planted the hillsides with the Catawba grape. He was able to make a sparkling wine that was successful world-wide.
Rookwood on Grandin Road - Source
Joseph Longworth married Anna Maria Rives in 1841 and they lived at their estate on Grandin Road, which was called "Rookwood" due to the many black birds (rooks) that lived there. Their daughter, Maria Longworth Nichols Storer founded Rookwood Pottery, named after her childhood estate. Joseph and Anna's son, Nicholas Longworth II, was an Ohio Supreme Court Justice and their grandson, Nicholas Longworth served in the Ohio House and Senate as well as the US House of Representatives and  Speaker of the House from 1925 to 1931. In 1906, he married Alice Lee Roosevelt, daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Catherine Longworth married Larz Anderson in 1834. Larz's father, Richard Clough Anderson served during the Revolutionary War. Their son, Nicholas Longworth Anderson, served during the Civil War as Brevet Major General.
Betts House, 416 Clark St.  - Source
Isaac Betts (1809-1891) is the son of William Betts (1763-1815), a veteran of the Revolutionary War, who first arrived in Cincinnati in 1800 and settled in the West End in 1802. He built his brick home in 1804 on present-day Clark Street on a plot of land which was originally 111 acres. William was not only a farmer, but also a brickmaker. His sons Smith, Oliver and Isaac continued the business after their father's death. The farm was subdivided in 1833, after William's 12th and youngest child reached the age of 21. Clark Street was named for William's mother, Elizabeth Clark Betts. You can read more about the Betts Family here.

1887 Sanborn Insurance Map - Source
The building at the corner of Central Avenue and Clark Street was completed by 1880, when the first tenants begin to appear in the city directories. Since this building expands nine addresses, the list is quite long and varied.
1880 Williams' City Directory - Source
Munro Mrs. C. A. (G. F. & Mrs. C. A. M.) h. n.w.c  Clark and Central Av
MUNRO G. F. & MRS. C. A., (Geo. F. M. & Mrs. C. A. M.) Palace Bath House for Gentlemen and Ladies; Plain, Cold, Hot Water and Medicated Vapor Baths; Ladies' Department Exclusive, 441 Central Av., n.w.c. Clark
Munro Geo. F. (G. F. & Mrs. C. A. M.) h. n.w.c. Clark and Central Av
Warner James D. leaf tobacco, 87 W. Front, h. n.w.c. Clark and Central Av

CAYLOR O. P. , Reporter Cincinnati Enquirer; Residence, 443 Central Av
Creager Gertie, h. 443 Central Av
Dee Lee G. trav. agt. h. 443 Central Av
Gwinner Lizzie, shirt mkr. wks. 443 Central av
Orth Mary, widow, h. 443 Central Av
Stuckenberg Benj. Z. salesman, 443 Central Av. h. Westwood Av., Fairmount
STUCKENBERG H . H., Manufacturer of Custom Shirts and Shirt Fronts, 443 Central Av.; Residence, Westwood Av., Fairmount
Wessel Harry D. clk. 443 Central Av. h. 524 John

Bowersock Anna C. widow, h. 445 Central Av
Maxwell Lawrence, jr. {King, Thompson & M.) atty. 82 W. 3d, h. 445 Central Av
Ormsby Mrs. E. millinery, 445 Central Av
Ormsby Sidney B. bar k. h. 445 Central Av
Ormsby Sidney M. club rooms, h. 445 Central Av
Roberts Thos. G. bds. 445 Central Av
Lloyd Henry T, liniment, 445 1/2 Central Av

Dowling Ellen, notions, 447 Central Av
Dowling Hanora, widow, h. 447 Central Av
Dowling Josie, saleslady, h. 447 Central Av
Dowling Patrick, tailor, h. 447 Central Av
Field Arthur P. conductor, h. 447 Central Av
FLEMING RUFUS, Associate Editor Cincinnati Times; Residence, 447 Central Av

Kauffer H. P. (Newton & K.) rooms 447 1/2 Central Av
NEWTON NELSON A., Manufacturer and Sole Owner of Newton's Patent Carriage Shaft and Pole Coupling and Dealer in Carriage Hardware, 447 1/2 Central Av.; Residence, Kalamazoo, Mich

Anderson Wm. H. cigars, 449 Central Av
Collins Ella E. saleslady, 152 W. 5th, h. 449 Central Av
Collins Mollie. h. 449 Central Av
Hopwood Chas. car. trimmer, h. 449 Central Av
Nesmith Constance, teacher, h. 449 Central Av
Nesmith Elise, saleslady, h. 449 Central Av
Nesmith Mrs. Elise, teacher of French, 449 Central Av
Nesmith Marie, music teacher, h. 449 Central Av
Young Peter P. railroad agt. h. 449 Central Av

Kilmer J. D. clk. 449 1/2 Central Av. bds. 399 W. Court
Peters C. M. manager Peters' Dash and Columbus Buggy Co. 449 1/2 Central Av

Peters' Dash and Columbus Buggy Co. 449 1/2 Central Av

As you can see, the building was a mix of commercial space on the lower floors and apartments above. Munro's Bath-House, at present day 1201 Central Avenue, had a tragic incident which occurred in 1888.
Cincinnati Enquirer; Jan 29, 1888; pg. 4
After the deaths of Joseph Longworth and Catherine Longworth Anderson, ownership transferred in the late 1890s to Catherine's daughter-in-law, Mary Douglas Anderson. By 1900, the bath-house is under new ownership after the Munros' moved to a new location. Tenants and businesses changed often over the 20 years:
Boning F. H. vice pres. The Central Bath Co. n.w.c. Clark and Central Av. h, 530 Everett
Huschle C. M. secy. The Central Bath Co. n.w.c. Clark and Central Av. h. 530 Everett
“Wm. pres. and treas. The Central Bath Co. n.w.c. Clark and Central Av. h. 530 Everett
Bath Houses - CENTRAL BATH CO., Wm. Huschle, President; Cabinet Vapor Bath 50 Cents; also, Turkish, Russian, Mercurial, Sulphur and Hot and Cold Water Baths, n.w.c Clark and Central Av

Grah Albert, cutlery, 1203 Central Av
Grinders - GRAH ALBERT, Grinder and Repairer of Scissors, Knives, Razors and Clippers, 1203 Central Av. opp. Cincinnati Hospital

Conner John E. adv. agt. Cincinnati Directory Office, h. flat 2, 1205 Central Av
“Katie, h. 1205 Central Av
“Lizzie E. dressmkr. 2446 Vine, h. 1205 Central Av
“Mary, wid. Edward, h. 1205 Central Av
Searcy Edward, cigars, 1205 Central Av. h. 1209 Central Av

Healy Wm. confec. 1207 Central Av

Beckel Minnie, (B. & Runge) 1209 Central Av. h, 1309 W. Liberty
Beckel & Runge, (Minnie B. & Emma R. R.) millinery, 1209 Central Av
Crist Chas. mechanical engineer, 318 Elm, h. 1209 Central Av
Giesseman Frank, patternmkr. h. 1209 Central Av
" Wm. clk, 1205 Central Av. h, 1209 Central Av
Maish August, watchman, h. 1209 Central Av
Runge Emma R. (Beckel & R.) 1209 Central Av.h. 17 W. Corry
Timmons E. J. secy, and treas. The Interstate Advertising Co. of Pittsburgh, room 65, 448 Main, h. 1209 Central Av

SEHN A. W., Proprietor New York Steam Dye Works, 1211 Central Av.; Residence, 20 E. Daniels
Steidinger Tena, clk. 1211 Central Av. h. 447 Bank

Bean J. Palmer, shipping clk, 16 E. 2d, h, 1213 Central Av
Brockman Edith, h. 1213 Central Av

Behling Mrs. Clara h. 1215 Central Av
Schmidt Louis, stoves, 1215 Central Av

Carruthers Sidney, wid. John, h. 1217 Central Av
Cottle Emma, rooms 1217 Central Av
Krueger Wm. trunk manuf. 1217 Central Av
Scollan Elizabeth, wid. Michael, h. 1217 Central Av

Stuart Maud, h. 1217 Central Av

1904-1930 Sanborn Insurance Map - Source
Over the next 40 years, the pattern stays much the same. Ownership changed from Mary D. Anderson to Union Savings Bank and then Samuel Shapiro in 1924. Tenants and businesses came and went, however, by 1940 it is evident the building has fewer of both:
Nedelman Hyman (Bessie) shoe repr 1203 Central av h3468 Knott

Felder Anthony (Emma) slsmn h1205 Central av
Hurst Edw (Anna) janitor h1205 Central av
“Ethel r1205 Central av
McLaughlin Geo r1205 Central av

Sanders Harry (Mary) cigars 1207 Central av h833 Hutchins av

McEnnis Edw waiter r1209 Central av
Racey Paul (June) lab r1209 Central av
Saunders Frank (Eileen) slsmn r1209 Central av
Sidal Wine & Import Co (Sidney Phillips) wines 1209 Central av
Stone Edw carp r1209 Central av
Wilkerson Lena E Mrs furn rms 429 Armory av h1209 Central av

Stern Furniture Co (Mrs Ida Stern) 1211 Central av

Burchett Pearl Mrs r1213 Central av apt 2
Hill Tennessee O (Alice) clnr Ficks Reed Co h1213 Central av 3d fl
Schumaker Thos lab r1213 Central av 3d fI
Shepard Jas (Carrie) lab h1213 Central av apt 1
Stortz Carl toolmkr r1213 Central av 3d fl

Carter Louis H (Lorraine) sta atndt (station attendant) Luther H Sharpe h 1217 Central av
Frazier Hubert clk T1217 Central av
Owens Jesse lab r1217 Central av
Powell Thelma mach opr r1217 Central av
Sparrow Jane Mrs smstrs Ficks Reed Co r1217 Central
“Mae r1217 Central av

By 1970 (above), three of the apartments are vacant and by 1980, the entire building is empty of tenants and businesses. For the next 17 years, the building is listed as vacant in the directories. In 1996, the building was purchased and renovated into apartments. In 2001, these apartments were changed to fifteen condominiums, called the Turrett Lofts. These condos are a popular choice for those wanting to live close to downtown in a beautiful, historic building.

1978 - Source
2014 - Digging Cincinnati History

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