Thursday, June 25, 2015

Walnut Hills History Via Maps

I was recently doing some research in the Walnut Hills area, around the former Lane Seminary grounds. I thought my readers might find the map comparison interesting.
1847 Map of Hamilton County, Ohio by attorney William D Emerson, C. S. Williams and Sons publisher - Source
1869 Titus Map - Source
1912 Map of Cincinnati - Source
2015 Google Map
Old maps are especially helpful since they help identify former street names. I made a key to keep track of old/new names for future reference. Happy digging!

1869 Titus Map
2015 Google Map
Chestnut St
Foraker Ave
Sycamore St
Lincoln Ave
Chapel St
Chapel St
Kemper St
Yale Ave
Locust St
William Howard Taft Rd
Vine St
Myrtle Ave
Beech St
Kemper Lane
Maple St
Park Ave
Elm St
Victory Pkwy/Alms Pl
Mulberry St
Monfort St
Linden St / Willow St
Preston Ave

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