Thursday, February 9, 2023

Ivorydale Cemetery?

What do Music Hall and the former P&G Ivorydale Plant have in common? They were both partially built on former burial grounds!

Falling down rabbit holes of research is just about an everyday occurrence for me. While I was researching more about the development of Ivorydale as a planned community, I discovered more about the land where the plant was built. This land was purchased by an early sheriff of Cincinnati, John Ludlow, who was the half-brother of Israel Ludlow, one of the co-founders of Cincinnati and the surveyor of the Miami Purchase. John arrived in the city in 1789 from New York and became sheriff the next year.

When a road and bridge were constructed in 1871, the burial ground was rediscovered, however, as you can read in the Cincinnati Enquirer article below, not all the remains were not reinterred with respect.

Cincinnati Enquirer; April 3, 1871

When the Ivorydale plant was constructed from 1884 to 1886, more remains were found as noted in the Enquirer article below, however, this time, more respect was given, and the remains were taken to Spring Grove Cemetery for reburial.

Cincinnati Enquirer; August 22, 1885
Could the former soap and candle factory be as haunted as Music Hall?

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