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Ann Senefeld is a well-known local historian and the research powerhouse behind the much-loved local architecture blog, Digging Cincinnati History. 

Ann is the author of Finding Your Home’s Ancestors: A Guide to Researching Properties in Hamilton County, Ohio and a recent winner of the Griffin Yeatman Historical Achievement Award

A Cincinnati native, she believes buildings have their own family trees and learning their stories adds a human face to history. She holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree with minor in History from Xavier University.


  1. Hi Ms Senefeld. Don't know if you are still seeking info on the St Joseph Orphanage. I was placed in the original one near St Patrick's back in 1960(my age 10) and then moved to the new one once it was completed. I graduated from the one in Montford Hts in 1964. I also attended XU but later went to UC and have a Bachelor of Liberal Arts there when liberal arts was a desirable degree. I certainly knew/know of a lot about the place. IF you're still interested please email me at rbroder725@gmailcom.
    I was also at the St Joseph Infant Asylum. I have contacted another lady who is searching their records about my time there.

    Interesting stuff! Sincerely, Richard Broderick

  2. While putting in a walking path in the back of our property this summer, we found a rectangular shaped, walled area about 8" under a bed of ivy. It has a "floor" of almost pristine white tile, ungrouted. We live on Warren. Any ideas?

  3. Miss Senefeld,
    I've read your site occasionally as it comes up in my research and just completed your post from Wednesday, August 21, 2013, "The Pogue's of Harvey Avenue". I've noticed the old ill kept mansion on the hill several years ago and wonder if there was story there. Thanks for filling in the blanks.

    I came to that post as I was trying to find out some information on the UC Health parking lot on MLKJr., between Burnet and Harvey. Apparently the property has a note that the original lot belonged to “Harvey Heirs”. I assume Harvey Ave. is named after the same person / family. Do you know who Mr. Harvey was and any information about him?

    BTW, I have a great interest in the ancient earthworks in the greater Cincinnati / Ohio area and I know of the mounds that were located in the downtown basin. Do know of any record of any in the "uptown" area? I know Reading road was one of the Military roads and an indian trail before that.

    Thanks for your help.

    John F. Kennedy
    Norwood, Ohio

  4. Hello, my name is Pamela Lane Baldwin and I live in Virginia. My great-great grandfather, Philander Parmele Lane, commanded the 11th Ohio Regiment in the Civil War, but when not at war he co-owned and operated a machine shop called Lane & Bodley, which was located at "John and Water Streets" per the info I have. I believe that specific intersection may now have been obliterated, perhaps for one of the stadiums, but can you help me locate exactly where it was, and whether it has indeed disappeared? Thank you so much!

  5. Ann was so helpful -- and so quickly so -- when I sought to learn the location of a Cincinnati business owned by my great-great grandfather, who fought with distinction in the Civil War. She pinpointed it instantly on a map of that era, and she also gave me information about what that location looks like today, located as it is very close to the Bengals' stadium. Digging Cincinnati History is a wonderful service!


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