Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little more about me...

This is my first adventure into blogging! I thought I would share how my addiction to Cincinnati history began.

I have loved Cincinnati history from the time my mom took us to the Cincinnati Historical Society Library to research the old farm house in Colerain Township that we lived in at the time. I was amazed with how much was available to find. My sister was working on a history project for school, and they researched the house and property all the way back to the Symmes Purchase.

Then came my time to do a local history project in elementary school and I choose The Union Terminal. Ah, what a wonderful building! I, unfortunately, am too young to remember it as the amazing train station it was built to be. But to see how amazing it was started a desire to learn more.

So the spark was lit. And now, with the wonderful internet, so many documents are available at our fingertips that make research a bit easier. I like researching from home because if I went to the main public library, I don't think I would ever leave. Researching is a treasure hunt and I often find myself cheering (to myself, of course) when I find that bit of history that can link pieces together or break down a brick wall of questions.

I recently have researched the James N. Gamble estate in Westwood along with his family genealogy, 1314 Vine St for Cincinnati Preservation Association, properties in Knox Hill area of South Fairmount for the Knox Hill Neighborhood Association, and other sites in Cincinnati to share with other  fans of Cincinnati history.

So look for a new post coming soon about a Cincinnati building or family. And let me know if there is something you would like to know about!

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  1. You might enjoy researching the stunning mansion at 3886 Reading Road in Avondale. I believe it was built by the Cincinnati clock maker by the last name of Herschede (brother to the jeweler of the same name) The interior of the house is so stunning, it took my breath away. Thankfully, I have many interior photos of this gorgeous mansion.


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