Friday, May 17, 2013

The Anna Louise Inn - A Look at the Past

With the announcement that the Anna Louise Inn will be moving from its historic location at Lytle Park this week, I decided to do some "digging" and share some newspaper articles from over the years. Click on the articles to be able to read them. Some articles are links to a pdf format. Enjoy!

Photo Source -

Cincinnati Enquirer, June 1, 1909, pg. 15
Cincinnati Enquirer, June 6, 1909, pg. B8

Cincinnati Enquirer, Nov. 13, 1910, pg. B8
Cincinnati Enquirer, Nov. 25, 1910, pg. 12
Cincinnati Enquirer, Dec. 25, 1910, pg. B8
Cincinnati Enquirer, June 1, 1911, pg. 3
Cincinnati Enquirer, July 5, 1911, pg. 2
Cincinnati Enquirer, Aug. 20, 1911, pg. B8
Cincinnati Enquirer, Nov. 5, 1911, pg. C2
Cincinnati Enquirer, Jan. 2, 1912, pg. 7
Cincinnati Enquirer, May 18, 1913, pg. C4
Cincinnati Enquirer, Nov. 2, 1913, pg. B2
Cincinnati Enquirer, Dec. 26, 1914, pg. 5
Cincinnati Enquirer, May 8, 1914, pg. 8
Cincinnati Enquirer, Dec. 18, 1914, pg. 5
Cincinnati Enquirer, Nov. 29, 1916, pg. 9
Cincinnati Enquirer, Feb. 9, 1917, pg. 2
Cincinnati Enquirer, Mar. 30, 1917, pg. 8
Cincinnati Times-Star, Jan. 29, 1934, pg. 15
Cincinnati Times-Star, Aug. 7, 1934, pg. 15

Cincinnati Enquirer, May 3, 1955, pg. 12
Cincinnati Post, Sept. 3, 1979, pg. 11

Cincinnati Post, July 8, 1993, pg. 7B

Cincinnati Herald, Oct. 16, 1999, pg. 6

Cincinnati Enquirer, Aug. 27, 2009, pg. B3
A timeline of the Cincinnati Union Bethel can be found on their website and another book about the history of the Anna Louise Inn from 1909 to 1959 is available at the Cincinnati Museum Center Library. I hope you have enjoyed this look back at the history of the Anna Louise Inn!

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  1. Thank you for posting. According to family history, my grandmother (b. 1893) and her sister (b. 1895) were early residents of ALI prior to 1921 when my grandmother married. I would love to find documentary evidence of their residency there.


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