Friday, July 19, 2013

Then and Now: Fourth Street - East from Race

Then and now pictures are some of my favorites and it seem favorites of my Facebook followers as well! So here is Fourth Street, looking east from Race Street.
Circa 1907
Click on link above to view larger image.
Google Streetview, May 2011
Enjoy the following maps to see the changes to this block of Fourth Street between Race and Vine from 1887 until 2013.
1887 Sanborn Maps - Source

1891 Sanborn Maps - Source

1904-1930 Sanborn Maps - Source

1950 Sanborn Maps - Source

2013 CAGIS - Source
The following photos are the buildings that once stood and some that still stand on Fourth Street.
Northeast corner of Fourth and Race
Northeast corner of Fourth and Race, after 1916
Third National Bank
18 W 4th
Notice the Gidding-Jenny Building without the Rookwood detail
Gidding-Jenny, now TJ Maxx
10-12 W 4th
The Rookwood Pottery detail was added in 1907
German National Bank
Northwest corner of Fourth and Vine

St. Nicholas Hote
Southeast corner of Fourth and Race
Demolished before 1914. The existing building at this corner was built in 1916.
McAplin Department Store
Before its expansion into the Aeolian Piano building to the right
Chamber of Commerce Building
Southwest corner of Fourth and Vine
Destroyed by fire in 1911
Union Central Building
aka, Central Trust Building and PNC Tower
Built in 1913
Replaced the Chamber of Commerce Building

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