Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Christian Moerlein House - Endangered

I was alerted to this today on OTR A.D.O.P.T.'s Facebook page via Christian Huelsman with Spring in Our Steps:
Source -- Google Streetview
"I know this is just over the OTR-Mt. Auburn line, but *18 Mulberry Street* is endangered of facing demolition. There's a public hearing on March 30th at 9am, to determine if it's a public nuisance. This house is, I feel, one of the most important in the Jerusalem area of Mt. Auburn."

One person commented that this was once the home of Christian Moerlein, one of Cincinnati's beer barons. I verified this information. While Moerlein's first home was on Elm Street, he built and lived in this home from 1870 until 1882, when he moved to his Clifton home on Ohio Avenue.

I found this comment on the home:
"His (Christian's) superb mansion, 168 Mulberry Street, Cincinnati, is one of the noted ornaments of the city."
1891 Sanborn Map
After 1882, Christian Moerlein's son, John C. Moerlein, resided here until 1905 when he moved to Ludlow Avenue. Henry B. Jacob, a brick construction contractor, then took ownership until his death in 1936. The home remained with the Jacob family until 1947.

1999-2003 Hamilton County Auditor
It is currently listed as a three family dwelling with the Hamilton County Auditor and owned by someone living in California. I hope at the hearing on March 30th that this historical information is presented and the home does not become part of "Lost Cincinnati".


  1. That would be my comment at the top of the page. I had noticed the public hearing letter at the door of 8 Mulberry Street, yesterday, and posted on it this morning. I'm glad we didn't miss the boat!

    -Christian Huelsman

    1. And my affiliation is with Spring in Our Steps, if you could include my name and our initiative in the post, I'd appreciate it.

    2. Will do! Thanks for bringing this great house to my attention. I am glad to help!

  2. What was the result of the hearing??

  3. I just came upon this article. My grandmother, Louise Jacob Dellerman, Inherited 18 Mulberry St. from her father Henry. I lived in this house until 1954.

    I just came upon this article. My grandmother, Louise Jacob Dellerman, inherited this house from her father, Henry. I lived there until 1954. She sold the house around that time. It had been subdivided into several apartments in which members of her family. I hope the house is still there.

  4. 2018---what's the status of this place?

    1. Apparently the house still stands. An accessory structure was removed at the time of this article.


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